Artificial Intelligence for All: Transforming Every Aspect of Our Life

Artificial Intelligence for All: Transforming Every Aspect of Our Life

Artificial Intelligence for All: Transforming Every Aspect of Our Life
English | 2020 | ISBN: 9389328500 | 111 pages | True EPUB | 1.7 MB

Artificial Intelligence, the Revolutionary Transformation that no one can escape

Key Features
● Provides perfect ‘playground’ for enterprises and institutions globally to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions
● The world has achieved an enormous amount of technological advancement and skyrocketing progress in mass Digitization, Data Science, and FinTech
● The gist of the golden era of AI and FinTech
● AI-powered autonomous vehicles are undoubtedly the future. Autonomous vehicles are the dawn of a whole new lifestyle
● Using Artificial Intelligence to redefine their products, processes and strategies

The book ‘Artificial Intelligence for All’ is a snapshot of AI applications in different industries, society, and everyday life. The book is written considering possibilities AI can bring in the Indian context and considering Indian industries and economy at the center stage.
The book starts with describing the race for the supremacy of different countries in the field of Artificial Intelligence that has already taken a great momentum and how AI has managed to influence even mainstream politics and the world leaders.
In the subsequent chapters, the book brings in AI applications primarily in the Banking and Finance sectors like Financial Crime detection using AI, Credit Risk Assessment, AI-powered conversational banking, Predictive Analytics, and recommendations in Banking and Finance.
In few of the chapters, it goes deep into Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Network and analogy with the human brain for readers who wants to go deeper into the subject, at the same time the content and explanations remain very simple for non-technical readers.

What will you learn
This book is for both technical and non-technical readers, a cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence is simplified for all and a genuine effort has been made to democratize it as much as possible. The book will provide insights into the real applications of AI in different industries like health care and medicine, banking and finance, manufacturing, retail, sports, and many more, including how it’s transforming our life which probably many of us are not even aware of. And most importantly how a country like India can be benefitted by embracing this groundbreaking technology and the huge opportunities and economic impact that AI can bring.

Who this book is for
This book is useful for AI Professionals, Data Scientists…
The content of the book is for both Technical and Non Technical readers who want to know the applications of AI in different industries.


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